Our Vision & Mission

Vision Statement for the academy:

To create a music environment that is rich in social, cultural and intellectual diversity .

Mission Statement for the academy :

To provide music enthusiasts a wholesome, divine and an engaging encounter with pure music.

Objectives for the academy :

  • To preserve and promote rich heritage of Classical Music.
  • To offer an exclusive music academy as a platform for music lovers to fulfill their wish to learn music at their own pace.
  • To provide an opportunity for learning music to aspirants with age no bar.
  • To provide aspirants who wish to make a career in music, a state of the art facility by way of this music academy as they will be trained under a highly professional team of artists.
  • To revive one of India’s most unique instruments, the Sarangi. This instrument is a vital part of our rich culture and we want to keep its harmony alive for times to come.
  • To attract younger generation to learn and experience the rich heritage of Indian classical music.
  • To inculcate the values of learning music through the unique Guru – Shishya Parampara prevalent only in India.