Focus Area

They say that the world’s most famous and popular language is music and it indeed is the strongest form of magic! Today is a day and time full of opportunities and the same holds true in the field of music, it has no boundaries and the more one learns about it, they realize its depth and vastness. To begin with, Music encompasses numerous genres and our prime objective with this Music academy is to establish it keeping Classical vocal and the unfortunate dying instrument of India, the Sarangi as the key focus area. We want to spread the message that classical music, requires time and dedication  and in spite of that can be learnt for joy and pleasure and not necessarily from a career point of view. However, this music academy will be fully equipped with a disciplined management network and a professional team of artists hence, giving qualified training to all aspirants who wish to make a career in this marvelous field.

We are working on creating a comprehensive and well structured music training program which will give opportunities to numerous music lovers from a career point of view and to learn its nuances in all aspects and this academy will also be open to all those enthusiasts who wish to learn music just to know how to appreciate music and to enhance the divine tranquil experience it gives. And We, Swastik Cultural Association, by way of Sanjeevan Music Academy we wish to breathe life into this unique dream of creating a platform for music lovers irrespective of their age and qualification and choice of focus, and we look forward to making it happen all under roof. Goa is rich in culture and such an academy will only enhance its beauty further!